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Platinum Fitness Club

Platinum Fitness Club

February 1st 2013 was the opening day of Platinum Residence Gym which is situated on the 1st floor of Tower B building. Training room is full of modern Prekor equipment:
  • ellipticals
  • bikes
  • treadmills
  • strength equipment
Gym is open everyday from 7:00 AM till 9:00 PM and our guests can access it with the entrance key which can be encoded during check -in procedure on their request.

Feel invited to be active while staying in Platinum Residence!


These Regulations for the gym, operated by Platinum Residence Sp. z o. o., with its registered office in Warsaw, at ul. Grzybowska 61/B Antresola, entered into the register kept by the Regional Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, the 12th Commercial Department of the National Court Register (KRS), under KRS number 0000316110, NIP: 527-262-11-09, the share capital of PLN 50,000.00 (hereinafter referred to as the “Residence”), state as follows:
  1. The information concerning the gym opening hours are placed on  the doors to the gym. The Residence stipulates a right to change (shorten or lengthen) opening hours, if the need arises.
  2. Guests should finish training and leave the gym at the moment of closing at the latest.
  3. The Residence operates the gym only for its Guests.
  4. A Guest is a person who has executed a sub-lease agreement with the Residence.
  5. Individuals using the gym are obliged to read and follow these Regulations, the rules in force at the gym and instructions of the personal of the Residence.
  6. Only adults can use the gym. Individuals below 18 are forbidden to stay at the gym.
  7. On the day of arrival, a Guest can use the gym from 2:00 p.m., and until 12:00 on the day of departure.
  8. During the check-in, each Guest is provided with a card key to the gym upon request. This card is assigned to a Guest during his stay at the Residence and should not be made available to persons who have not registered their stay at the Residence.
  9. Individuals who have not registered their stay at Platinum Residence are forbidden to stay at the gym.
  10. The Residence can prevent a Guest from entering the gym if a Guest behaves in an aggressive in any other unacceptable manner, does not comply with the Regulations and instruction of employees of the Residence.
  11. The Residence stipulates a right to refuse the access to the gym to a Guest, without stating any reason therefor whatsoever.
  12. It is forbidden to bring animals to the gym.
  13. Individuals being under the influence of drugs, alcohol or intoxicants are forbidden to enter the gym.
  14. When signing a registration card, a Guest confirms that he has read the Gym Regulations, accepts their conditions and undertakes to comply with them.
  15. The gym is monitored with the use of industrial surveillance cameras.
  16. The Residence stipulates a right to introduce changes into the Regulations, in the following circumstances:
  • a change of the terms and conditions of co-operation with owners or lessees of the premises where the gym is operated;
  • a global change of a business policy pursued by the capital group of which the Residence is a member;
  • a change of laws and regulations which affect the provision of services of the gym by the Residence;
  • a need to change the rules of exercise or rules of conduct at the gym, with the aim being to improve the conditions and safety of Guests.
  1. The provisions of the Civil Code apply to the matters not governed under these Regulations.
  2. Any and all Residence registration and address changes do not affect the validity of the Regulations.
  3. These regulations enter into force on 1 February 2013.
Guests of Platinum Residence are exempt from fees.
  1. Guests exercise and use the equipment available at the gym only at their option and risk. The Residence shall not be held liable for damage suffered by Guests.
  2. Individuals suffering from any health problems, or taking medicine which affects their physical and mental condition, are forbidden to exercise at the gym.
  3. Guests will not take advantage of their private coaches at the gym.
  4. Taking into consideration the needs of all or other Guests, the Residence stipulates the right to limit the time of availability of certain elements of equipment (e.g. Cardio).
  5. Guests are obliged to use towels when exercising in order to ensure the cleanliness of equipment at the gym.
  6. Guests will:
  • use deodorants;
  • put the equipment back;
  • disinfect the equipment after they finish exercising using the products available at the gym;
  • not shave at the toilets.
  1. When exercising, Guests are obliged to comply with the Regulations and instructions given by the personnel of the Residence.
  2. Any equipment defects should be promptly reported with employees of the reception desk at the Residence.
  3. Guests are held liable for any and all damage caused at the gym at their default.
  1. The liability on the part of the Residence for damage to a person is governed under the provisions of the Civil Code and other applicable laws and regulations. The Residence will not be held liable for any injuries suffered when using sport and rehabilitation equipment. Guests should work out in a gym in a safe and secure manner, i.e. using an appropriate load they are able to handle.
  2. The provisions of the Civil Code and other applicable laws and regulations are applicable to the liability of Residence for damage to property brought to the gym by Guests.
  3. The liability of the Residence for damage to property brought to the gym is excluded if a Guest violates the provisions of point V.5 below.
  1. Gusts should not disturb other individuals staying at the gym. It is forbidden to use offensive and insulting language.
  2. When training, Guests should wear appropriate sports clothes and shoes.
  3. Smoking is forbidden at the site of the entire facility.
  4. It is forbidden to talk on the phone.
  5. Guests should leave any valuables (money, jewelry, identity cards, car keys, valid documents, mobile phones, computers, etc.) in the safe-box at the apartment.
  6. It is forbidden to eat any meals at the gym.
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